Dear Guest

We are happy to welcome you to our restaurant.

As a long-standing family business with a lot of experience and a great team,

we offer hospitality in many facets.

In principle, it’s very easy with us. . .

our rural roots determine our culinary signature.

We love our home and are still at home all over the world.

We prefer to use regional and seasonal ingredients

and will change individual dishes/wines from time to time.

Fish/wild/asparagus adapt to the seasons in the same way.

We want to get to know you and your desires and preferences

in order to be able to make your experience at our restaurant exceptional.

We look forward to spending many wonderful hours together.

Andreas  &  Martina  &  team   



colourful  salat / hous dressing



pork fillets / dumpling

cheese noodles  /  roasted onions  /  mushroom cream sauce  /  colorful summer salad


pork fillets with fresh chanterelles

homemade spaetzle  /  colorful summer salad


breaded schnitzel  /  french fries  /  colorful summer salad



Roast beef with onions  /  homemade spaetzle

roasted onions  /  roast jus  /  colorful summer salad



Turkey breast in almond crust  /  mustard cream sauce

fries  /  colorful summer salad



homemade cheese spaetzle  /  fried onions

colorful summer salad

salad variationen:


Salad variation of the season  /  turkey strips  /  cheese  /  baguette